How to build a Hay Grazer

Homemade grazing box saves hay

This sturdy wooden hay grazer is the BEST way to feed hay to horses. Three horses can demolish a bale in under three hours if it is thrown in front of them, but with the hay grazer that same bale lasts 24+ hours. Eating in a neck down position and picking hay through a heavy grate mimics the natural grazing habits of a horse who, if you watch in the field, can pick the tiniest blade of grass with giant dextrous lips. When I rotate my horses off their summer pasture and bring them home for the winter I utilize two grazers – one outside, one in the barn – plus 10 acres for the roaming. This system puts less stress on the land, especially during the winter months, as the horses choose to spend their days close to the hay grazer. Building a hay grazer is not difficult. I put mine together with 2x4s, 1x4s, 1x2s, 3/4″ plywood, ring nails, 3″ screws and gridwall. Gridwall is sold at store fixture stores, it can also be purchased on the internet but the shipping will be exorbitant due to the weight. I found two pieces – 4ft x 4ft and 4ft Continue Reading →