the speed of life

nightdriverDriving out from dusk and into a night that blanketed New Mexico in darkness, I had an epiphany. I was hurtling my body through space and time with barely a thought. Encased in steel and turning on rubber I was moving at 80mph over the landscape with little more than a couple hundred feet between me and pure black. This is the present, yet barely one hundred years ago traveling between mesa’s was a time consuming and somewhat dangerous journey. People looked to the stars for guidance. They were seafarers of the earth shaping a living synthesis of people and place though movement, interaction and communication. One hundred years ago people could not even imagine the speed with which we glide over what was then rocks and boulders now crushed into asphalt, spinning our hubris into carbon particles. In two hours I will cover 160 miles of terrain oblivious to the lives that dwell here and distracted by the controls of my spaceship. I try to imagine how this route will be traversed one hundred years hence, and I am speechless.

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