A self described systems thinker and sustainability mentor. I believe theory and practice are the foundation of all knowledge claims. I have an interdisciplinary PhD in History, Biology & Cultural Theory, specializing in the intersection between environment, science and technology. Many of my agricultural and sustainability skills come from growing up on a 500 acre working farm in England, where it was not unusual to be sent out to ignite large fields of straw, jump on tractors, feed the pigs, train horses, gut turkeys and generally help out.

Today I live completely off-grid in Northern New Mexico on the eastern edge of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. My farm exemplifies sustainability producing 30 varieties of fruit and vegetables with a low carbon footprint, waste stream and natural inputs. The last decade has been consumed with creating a low impact sustainable lifestyle all made possible with strong hands, strength and personal ingenuity. All I do, which includes building photo voltaic systems, gray water installation, straw bale and adobe construction, natural plaster application, pasture restoration, horse riding and training etc, etc., has evolved from a life experience of rural living dovetailed with a globalized and educated experiential worldview.

I have also tasked myself with protecting what is left of the natural world. Resources such as oil, gas, coal, wood, gravel, etc. (which the earth is running out of) have to come from somewhere and their extraction invariably compromises the land, making it both unusable and unlivable. This is a high price to pay for the conveniences of the modern world. Being cognizant of this and striving to make choices that improve the environment and our lives is important if we are to bequeath a living thriving planet to the next generation.